Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Waiting, praying, sending money

Waiting and praying over the children who will be Josiah and Keren Jubilee...............
It was so exciting  this afternoon   to send the CAR WASH  and BAKE SALE  money over for new clothing and for  food !!! Western Union is an amazing establishment, and while I'd prefer the fees that it takes to use Western Union   go directly to my children, the fact that I can guarantee delivery of funds from here to West Africa in MERE MINUTES  is just about worth its fees. I don't  say that often or about every organization or mechanism which I need to use.  THANK YOU  TO EVERY PERSON seen and unseen  who let us wash their cars  and  /  or   who gave to our fundraiser to help our children while they wait for us and hope that we will be able to come and get them :  LAST YEAR.....................  This year already... WHEN MOMMY????
 All I can say is "GOD  YOU REIGN!" I hate that they are not home with us yet, but  I rejoice that  my children are in school  and have food and  will have clothing that fits!!!


jalynne said...

Praying that these far away angels will get to "fly" to their forever home soon!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

sweet friend praying them HOME!

love you,

Shonni said...

praying also!!!

Melissa said...

Tears fill my eyes as I read your words! I am praying as I type that your children stay safe and will be home soon!

God Bless you,