Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MY SECOND blog entry!!!!!

whenpigsfly said...
Well alrighty then!! I am trying really hard to get this blog up and running...........how do some people do it??!!! I listed a couple of blogs which are ner and dear to my heart these days, in particular Tom Davis , author of Fields of the Fatherless, which I am starting to believe is MUST READ material for all boelivers, especially those in any role of church leadership, and my friend Ron's blog because right now he has awesome blogging about a common dear friend Major Scott Hagerty, who was killed in action in Afghanistan last week. Scott and Charlie were very good friends, Charlie did a tv inter view about Scott for the OKC nes last week, and will be one ofthe speakers at the funeral on Friday. Ron is an amazing guy himself and if you get into his blog stuff at all you'll see why. AND Banku....is my dear friend Anita's whose passsion for adoption never ceases to inspire me and to keep my passions flamed for many things adoption related. Tom Davis also burns with that passion for the orphan children, so I found many common grounds on which to stand with him as well. It is my ongoing passion, and work in progress, AFTER our daughter Hannah's wedding on Saturday, and after the dust has settled from the graduation festivities for daugther Esther last weekend, AND after all the last of my dairy doe goats have delivered thier babies..........to get our home study kicked in gear...many talks with our social worker have already taken place abour our new study an dour prayers for West Africa..........I so so so long to be the mom of (probably only) two more children, and I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I BELEIVE they are waiting to be identified in Africa , in God's timing. So that's my week: baby goats, 4 so far, two boys and two girls, lots of boys' and girls' baseball and gymnastics, Hannah and Jon's wedding and Scott's funeral.........as I practice the solo Hannah asked me to sing for her at the wedding after the opening prayer. If any of you have heard Mark Davis' song FIND YOUR WINGS, you'll know why Hannah picked it! Its awesome!!Lord please keep us all grounded and centered on You as this week continues to unfold!!!!!
June 10, 2008 2:41 PM