Friday, July 11, 2008

The wedding is history, all the baby goats are born, the braces are off.............

I was so busy planning and implementing the plans for our 21 year old daughter Hannah's wedding on June 14, there was no time to blog about it! Dear friends came in from San Antonio and Ragley Louisiana to be part of the festivities and to help out! WHAT A BLESSING!!!! In the midst of wedding decoration layouts and final dress and tux fittings, we received word that a dear Army comrade of my husband's and also good friend to both of us had been killed in action in Afghanistan. We had gone out to dinner with these friends a night or so before he left on this deployment. He and Charlie were abuzz about how when their unit deployed again in 2010, they'd finally get to serve overseas together...finally. We talked adoption: their hopes for a little girl Scott had met at an orphanage he was doing work with, and our history, our talk and plans for two more children. We were all looking at Africa. Please pray for Daphne and the sons she and Scott had together: Jonathan 10 and Samuel 21 months as they make the adjustments to life without emails and phone calls from Daddy, as they move to a new house closer in to town, without Daddy...............its something that all military families talk about and plan for and then hope and pray they never have to put into action. Scott was a terific guy and a terrific soldier.Charlie gave part of the eulogy at the funeral as well as several tv an radio interviews about his friend and comrade.The funeral was the day before the wedding. The day of the funeral we literally went from the cemetery to the church (which was also a shared funeral and wedding location) to get things set up and to rehearse. We will miss Scott deeply. At the wedding reception, which we held at our home, we set the traditional "Fallen Soldier" place at a table in remembrance of Major Scott Hagerty.
THE WEDDING............could not have been more beautiful in all its red, white, and blue Marine -marries -Army -daughter style!! No glitches, no goofs, no one passed out, and the only OOPS was when Hannah and Jon started to cut their cake and knocked the top tier onto the deck at their feet! Hannah had asked me to sing a song at the wedding for them called "Find Your Wings" and even that went well. I was not sure if I'd be able to get through it without the tears starting to flow, but God was faithful and saved nearly all the tears for the FATHER of the Bride to shed!!! We blew bubbles to welcome the newlyweds into their reception and later lit sparklers to light the area where they danced their first married -couple dance. Jon's parents , Charlie and I planned a Chamoran style barbeque dinner for our guests. Chamoran is the word for people form Guam and Jon is Chamoran. We home grew the pigs for the roast, a friend of Jon's family prepared the meat, and Jon's mom Karen decorated around the succulent meat. Shrimp kabobs , rice, baked beans,veggie platters and fruit kabobs accompanied the roasted pigs for a wonderful meal. The weather was perfect all evening long and our guests stayed late into the night enjoying the celebration. In addition to our out of state friends coming in, my brother came from North Carolina (he and I shared some fun deja vu' time on the dance floor with Steppenwolf music!!) and a number of Jon's relatives came in from various parts of the country as well.
Our pastor shared an awesome marriage message woven all around and through
the vows, lighting of the Unity candle, and exchanging of rings. NO ONE could deny that they had been introduced to the love of God, God's plan of salvation or the critical importance of marriage vows and committment regardless of where two people might find themselves in their relationships. It was all absolutely wonderful!! Lest I forget, we did have the military Honor Guard for Hannah and Charlie to walk through as they came up the aisle and who drew their swords later to create that impressive sword arch for Jon and Hannah to walk under as they left the church auditorium. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From the sumblime, well, to other things, on a dairy goat farm there have to kids in the spring. By the night of the wedding , all but one of our 5 milk goats had kidded and were doing just fine, producing lots of milk. This past Sunday right before the rains hit and made muck of everything in the pastures, my last doe gave us triplets!
Of other note-worthiness at Calico Acres Farm, home of SMITH SOUP, is that 14 year old daughter Jael got her braces taken off yesterday, July 10 and is now flashing huge non-metalic smiles at everyone!!!
This weekend we have a treat in store. Our missionary friends from Cambodia will be staying with us for the weekend and sharing what God is doing in their lives and minsitry at our church. They, like us have five children adopted from Cambodia . Two, maybe three of thier five bio-children will be with them as well as the younger kiddos. Should be lots of fun. A couple of their younger children remember our youngest son Isaiah from when he lived at their childrens home for orphaned children as he awaited our getting approval to bring him home. Their children's home has 17 children, all older and or special needs children and is called BYKOTA House. BYKOTA stands for Be Ye Kind One To One Another. Our son Malachi worked there for about 7 months last year and earlier this year. God has been so very faithful to them in the work He has for them !!
As we get ready to welcome them , we are also sending some friends off on a "tent making " ministry orientation in preparation for their full time work down the road a ways.. and preparing a re-scheduled rained out car wash for an Israel mission trip for one of our church teens AND the final setting up of our kids' BYKOTA House fund raiser Lemonade Stand next Saturday Life is so full of blessings and opportunities to share God's rich bounty with others..................I never want to miss a chance to be where God wants me, or our family .
If I don't blog often, its probably because there is so much life to live that , at least , for me, there isn't enough day left over to talk about it all! Jeremiah 2:31 says “ O generation, see the word of the LORD!"
That has been my challenge verse this week. VERY simple, not so profound as some, but my challenge. I want my children to taste and see that God is good to know and see the Word of God, because God IS the Word!!