Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2 days without bibs!

YES!! We have gone two whole days and Daniel has not used up 6+ bibs , which was his minimum  in the pre-op days. He has not used up ONE bib! NO reflux, minimal drooling from a change in positioning, but  WOW WOW WOW, I have not needed to change his shirts frequently throughout the day either! Feedings  are going so well: there is no crying, no trauma, no frustration, spitting and not knowing what to do( Daniel  OR  me)  and Daniel is noteably a happier baby! He talked to me quite a bit today, he sang, I am sure he was a bit confused about feedings. I watched his face as his meals were flowing via the tube right into his tummy and he had the funniest look going on! I could tell he knew something was going on, a familiar fillng tummy sensation perhaps  but absent was the struggle to GET that  tummy filled. I love it!! Naomi loves to help me with Daniel's meals now. She has learned how to set up his equipment, she helps me set up the tube, is so careful to clamp the tube shut, close the ports on the top end of the tube, unclamp for me when we are set up to let Daniel's meal flow, she gives him his water flush to clear the tube before we disconnect.I know we needed to get the shunt put in  and very sufficiently healed before  we scheduled the feeding tube surgery, that is fine  but I am so very glad that it is done now. IF  ALL this feeding tube does is make meals comfortable for Daniel, with no major weight gains or other "improvements" it will have been enough! Whatever benefits may result from having the Mic  button and tube pale in my mind right now to the comfort  and ease with which Daniel can have nourishment . If you are among those who never watched me feed Daniel before, you have no clue how horrific meals were. This tube is PRASIE MUSIC-worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Daniel himself. NO adverse effects from anything. He is doing absolutely GREAT! Dear HEavenly Father, thank You for getting Daniel to this point and for keeping his body strong and healthy enough to fly through these two surgeries and to heal so easily. This Mamma's heart is over flowing with gratitude, praise,  and relief for our baby an his improved state of affairs!
We are now in WEDDING COUNT DOWN MODE . ONE month from today October 6 is ESTHER and CASEY's WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Still lots to do, but its coming together. It really is!


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Being one that HAS watched the process of feeding Daniel ... I am REJOICING with you for this little button to feed him with. So happy for you, and for Daniel.

We too are counting down to a wedding ... in December ... in TX. So, here we come on another Road Trip. It's in Houston, though, so a bit far from you.

So glad that things are going well for Daniel. It was a BLESSING to be able to meet him in August.

Love ya,

Laurel :)

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

I know what a huge blessing this is to you and your family!


Love you and praying for the wedding day - for perfect warm weather!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

AMAZING!!!!! What an answer to prayers :) SOOO Happy that it is helping!!!

Melissa said...

I am continuing to pray for your family. I am thankful that things are going well with the new button for Daniel. I know many friends that have this tube for their children and I know what a blessing it is. Praying and trusting that God will continue to watch over Daniel and meet his every need! Praying that your children will be home soon. and that the wedding is amazing. God Bless you!