Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why did I used to have time to blog?

The past three months have been no more event -filled than any other months...that I can recognize anyhow. My house is not  remarkably cleaner, I was not gardening, I have not crocheted an afghan or even a whole scarf.  So why have I had so little time to find my computer, my blog , and put  into print  even a few of  the  myriad activities or musings which bless my life?  Well OK,  maybe I  AM  busier..........I am trying to get started  now and the beep of my text message and its accompanying light tell me that Jael is finished with her make-up first semester English class and is ready to be picked up and taken to work. About the time I return from that I will take Blake to Baseball for Hannah who is working late at her bank job. No, I didn't have time to go get G-baby Charlie from day care for her, but I did take Sopheak to work after two dentist  appointments this morning. I did hoe some cabbage and cauliflower rows, and transplant tomatoes, peppers and morning glory plants, we did school, I did get Charlie the Dad and the boys off to a friends' ranch to help clear out some equipment and scruff for her. (Her husband just deployed; last time he and Charlie the Dad were deployed together). I have cooked scratch meals, good ones every day for the last week +, including for a church pot luck dinner. I did all those things before and still found time to blog. Wonder how I did it?? I'll think about it while I am driving  I guess!!