Friday, October 8, 2010

One more football fan in the family

Charlie and I went out to eat tonight and took Daniel with us. Its a football game night so of course we were watching OSU  Cowboy football. They were playing LaFayette, Lousiana, so I had some split emotions. When a Louisiana team is playing , we usually cheer for them.  Louisiana is still where we call  HOME!!! As we ate, Daniel cuddled and didn't cheer much but when we got home and turned the second half of the game on, Daniel started to let loose ! He is laughing and hollering and roaring his very loudest roars of pure delight as the crowds are cheering. I'm laughing because the only other  time I heard him cheer for a team was when I was helping him cheer for the New Orleans Saints. We watch a lot of football ( and baseball, and basketball and tennis too) so I know his usual  responses. I don't know what it is that he is enjoying so much  but he is having a great time and THAT makes me very happy!

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