Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Josiah Benjamin and Keren Jubilee on my mind

AS I am praying for my far  away children today and day dreaming about them being home, being in our home school, sharing clothes and games, adding their preferences to the meal preparation plans, their voices to the conversations and songs,  their prayers to the rest of the family prayers, I am thinking of how absolutely wonderful it will be to reach out and ask if I may give them a hug ANY TIME THE URGE HITS ME!! How wonderful it will be to hear "Mommy?"  or "Mommy I love you!" from either of their voices and it not be over a telephone. We are so ready to welcome them, when the day comes. Until then we pray and wait and trust God to sustain our children and remind them of His love  and of ours for them!!
I received a note from dear friend Jill telling me about a young teen boy and   Teens4Orphans ,  the organization he is part of. He wanted that group to be involved in praying for our  children!! We welcome prayer support from anyone who is truly following God and who has a heart for orphans !  Please go take a look at this website and see what this great group is  up to! You'll be blessed! Thank you Kade for your heart!! 


Kat said...

Though I've been out of the loop for awhile, as always...I'm praying for your family to be filled with even more joy and laughter soon.

Melissa said...

Praying for your children right now. May God be their strength as they wait to come home. Praying for you as you wait on His perfect timing. God Bless you!