Thursday, December 3, 2009

"What constitutes a Miracle?" he asked

Gideon called just a bit ago and asked me that question. I told him pretty much an event which defies human understanding or scope of ability/possibility/probability but not God's scope of authority. He asked if that was something like.................."You went to the VA hospital in OKC with me on October 20 and heard the PA tell me that 'the 4 year old fractures and bone fragments on/from my L4 and L5 vertebrae were visible, the bulging herniations were visible, there were no new fractures from the incident on 19 October but the existing injuries would require further assessment and treatment with an orthopedic and or neurology consult doctor at a later visit,' right???? And I today I saw the PA at the new VA clinic here in town, they looked at the old x-rays but wanted new ones to assess the swelling viewed on the 20th of October. She just called me to say, 'I can't explain this but your back is healed. There is old scar tissue evident in the x-rays but there are no fractures, no loose bone fragments which were in the other x-rays.' IS THAT WHAT YOU WOULD CALL A MIRACLE?" YES yes YES!! That is what I would call a miracle! X-rays from 6 weeks ago which are consistent with x-rays taken over the last 4 years (but which have gone untreated. VA is another long story...) will not normally be completely different with those taken by a new -doctor-ordering assessment - tests to schedule surgery. SO much prayer has gone on between the Lord and me over my son for so many years. He was medically discharged from the army because of these back injuries and he has been severely limited as a result ever since. God has been working in Gideon's life recently in many areas, so this does nor surprise me at all, but that does not mean I am not PLEASED AND PRAISING GOD through my tears and my happy dancing!! You see, when I was in nursing school a lot of years ago, I had a sledding accident, golf course, saucer sled, dry patch, some chopped up soil, I flew up in the air, came down on my back and flipped to my face when my hands would not let go of the hand grips to get off of the sled when I started to flip. I landed, and was unable to move from my waist down. I felt nothing, and could not move. AS I lay there at the bottom of that hill I prayed and told God that I would be crippled if He willed it, but He had recently done a financial miracle for me to finish nursing school , and I was asking for a healing of my back. NO cell phones back then, no phones on that side of the public golf course, my brother, my son Joshua who was 7, and then -boy friend Charlie and a few pals stood over me asking what I wanted them to do. I asked them to leave me be but not to move could make it all worse. For about 30-45 minutes I lay there, praying, and thinking and suddenly, I felt a warmth starting at my toes, creeping up my legs little by little until I realized I had the feeling back! I asked for someone to help me up, we walked back to our car and went home. I went to the clinic and told my story, was not even x-rayed because I was walking and had no numb spots. I was prescribed some soma (muscle relaxants). Fast forward to the week before nursing school graduation, 8 months later. When students enter nursing school they get a back x-ray to assess soundness and lack of injury . Upon completion, another x-ray is taken to verify that no injuries occurred during rotations with patients. When my exit x-ray was compared to my entrance x-ray, there was another "I can't explain this" moment. "When did you break your back?" I was asked. I explained the sledding incident but was told , no that this was impossible for several reasons, the first being that the scar tissue very evident in the new x-ray was VERY OLD scarring. I asked if this "old scarring " should have been in the earlier x-ray and was told that there was no way this kind of scarring would not show up. I was told that the Radiologist simply could not explain the scarring, the EVIDENCE of God's healing power, except that "maybe " I had "Experienced a miracle after all." GLORY be to God who IS our Great Physician, for Whom nothing is impossible, not even two healed broken backs in one family!


Jill said...



Love you LINDA! Hug G for me!!!!


He who started a good work in you G will finish it!


love2bmom said...

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this story. Praise Him. He is in the miracle business, after all. :) So grateful for Gideon's healing. You have so much to be thankful for Linda.



Laurel said...

Praising Jesus with you!!!

Jim was seeing a surgeon for back surgery 16 years ago ... when God miraculously healed him at a church prayer meeting.



Ranee said...

That is a truly awesome story you shared Linda!