Thursday, December 3, 2009

Praises over Iraq

I shared this message with my prayer group yesterday and got the most precious response from a dear friend. THIS is being the Body and I am so glad to be a part. Thanks Kellie for the goose bumps I felt and the tears I shed as I read your kind words. You really blessed me!!!***********************************

I am so praising God right now!! My son Caleb has two more weeks in Iraq until his second tour of duty is completed. This morning he was reassigned to a different company in his unit to oversee some higher level admin stuff. HALLELUJAH! This means NO MORE "MISSIONS" more patrols, no more going out to search for the enemy, to be found by the enemy or his guns and road side bombs! I have been in such fervent prayer for Caleb during this whole deployment because I had a number of dreams that he was killed in action, and while I seldom remember my dreams, the ones I remember have every other time, happened in real life. My son Gideon shared with me that he too had several dreams like mine. I have been praying this entire deployment, perhaps more so than during any of my other guys' deployments or even Caleb's first tour, that God would (Psalm 91:11-12) "Give His angels charge over him to keep him in all his ways" and this today was such an answer to prayers. More soldiers are killed during their first few weeks in theatre and their last few. Inexperience, being war weary, being distracted and not totally focused, thoughts of home and family...............these are fatal thought- flaws for soldiers out on missions. My heart is rejoicing that Caleb found favor with his higher-ups who have placed him in this new position; he is a very competent soldier but that it takes him out of that " mission " part of harm's way . We continue to pray for ALL the soldiers' safety, particularly those who are replacing Caleb and his comrades right now, during the holiday season.
This particular Psalm has been one which I have covered Caleb with truly from the moments leading up to and during his birth. I mentioned it in my blog post yesterday in fact.
Today we had just finished our family Bible and prayer time when Caleb called and we had literally JUST finished praying for Caleb.
This made my day for him son needing that kind of deep Heavenly intervention is Daniel

REJOICING BIG TIME HERE AT BONKLAND at this news! You guys needed some encouragement! Father God, thank you for Your hands of safety and protection over Caleb! Thank you for this new position and we continue to ask Your protection over Caleb and the other soldiers as they face such challenging days and a merciless enemy! We ask, Father, that Linda's baby boy, Daniel, finally be released to come HOME where can receive the love and medical care every child deserves...the love and medical care that Charlie and Linda have waited so long to be able to provide him. Encourage Charlie and Linda, hold them up, and sustain them as they continue to wait. We ask that the wait come to a final end! IN JESUS NAME


Bonky's Mom said...

My pleasure my friend. I love you guys to pieces!

triplehmoms said...

Thank you, Linda, for the comment on our blog. I appreciate your kindness and support. I will add your sons and daughter to be to my prayer list.