Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fiancee visa update

How excited Malachi was yesterday to recieve his receipt letter from USCIS !! Not a rejection letter for imcomplete documentation or an error in filing, but THE letter which informed him that USCIS has begun the process of investigating his case for Sopheak's fiancee visa!!!! Thank You Heavenly Father that we did all this paperwork correctly and it was accepted on the first pass. We trust You to work out the timing for the visa interview itself for next summer and believe that Malachi wil be able to bring his bride-to-be home with him at the end of his visit to his beloved Cambodia.


Shana said...

That is great news!!! By the way, glad you liked the pics on my blog. I keep looking and laughing too and have to laugh every time I pull out of our driveway. This is the neighbor who cam to our house when we found the snake in the bathroom. he removed it for us. If you don't know about that you can search snake on my blog and it should come up.

Laurel said...

Please tell Malachi that we are very excited for him. It was so wonderful to spend some time chatting with him in Sept., when you all so graciously hosted our family.

Laurel & the gang :)