Friday, December 4, 2009

Water 4 Christmas

I saw this necklace at Tracy's ETSY store when I was reading about Water 4 Christmas and her generous offer to donate half of the price of each necklace purchased to the Water project. My friend Jill teamed up with Tracy and had a GIVEAWAY of this awesome necklace as well. I opted to donate money and forgo the necklace, but GUESS WHAT? I WON the drawing! How blessed is that??? There's more information below. I hope that you will take a few moments to check it out!

From Tracy who sells her her jewelry on ETSY as JUNK POSSE:
With the purchase of each necklace I will make a donation to supply water for one person in Africa for almost 40 Years!
I created this design for Water 4 Christmas. A grassroots effort to bring life-saving, clean water to West Africa. 4500 mothers bury their children every day due to contaminate water. Unclean water is the leading cause of death in undeveloped nations. And it just doesn't have to be. So we are joining together to keep our eyes open and hearts soft and together buy Water for Christmas.

Africa sits upon a water drop covered with tiny drops of water. This handmade necklace is 1" inch and dangles from a 18" inch sterling bead chain. It is also available on a 20" inch brown leather cord with a sterling silver lobster claps. "

Please think of water for Christmas the next time you are Thirsty. I am really excited about this project but even more excited to help support Lexi at as this wonderful young lady, my dear friend Jill's daughter has dedicated a chink of her time and talents to making this project a true success! Won't you stop over and see Tracy's ETSY store, and think about buying a unique necklace for "someone" you know who has their heart in Africa (maybe you are your own "Someone"?) to make a shared donation with Tracy, or visit Lexi's blog and make a donation directly to the fund. Like the idea? Maybe you'll want to "be there, do that and WEAR THE T-SHIRT. You can do that too! Having been in SE Asia and seen the results of no clean drinking water AND the results of a new working well, having been to Liberia, West Africa and seen the absence of clean water there too and how precious just possessing a well is, I can tell you that any time we are part of providing clean water to a mom who has small children, or who is perhaps pregnant with a new growing little one, a family eager to take the best possible care of its children or aging parents, a village trying to offer school for area children, it is a BIG thing to have clean drinking water.


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

I'm so glad God picked you to win :)

My blog addy is wrong in your post - is correct :)

I love you and am so thankful you shared Tracy and Lexi today!

Hugs sweet friend!

whenpigsfly said...

oops!! I missed that 1. Its fixed now. I also missed that I hit the Shift key for 4 and wrote $ too.... Its all better now!!!

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