Saturday, September 19, 2009

Praising God for His faithfulness to my friends!

My freinds Kim and Ben have a house! not just " a house" but an awesome answer to fervent, faithful, prayer.....HOUSE! Please read the widget at the right , if you've been following the CHIP IN block , you know that friends, family, strangers, have been chipping in to help Kim and Ben raise funds for a down payment on a house for their wonderful family of 10 adopted children who are all 10 and under in age! After several offers, rejections and pull-outs, more prayer and lots of praising and praying, God showed them yesterday which house was to be theirs. I am so excited for them , I had to praise God here so those of you who don't know Kim or follow her blog can praise God with them too!

In Kim's own words,"Our mortgage will be for 190,000... plus a 5,000 cash pay out that the court ordered in the divorce (we have to bring 5k to closing so that the bank will release the title). They won't be paying any concessions, but we "got" 3.5% down ... so I will be changing the minimum chip in amount to reflect the things we need at closing. Of course, should God provide it debt free and want to blow our sock off... we'd be Aokay with that!"

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