Sunday, September 20, 2009


Esther was not happy that there were not as many photos of her on my blog, so HERE'S ESTHER! Two photos are from Hannah's Labor Day, and she was definitely IN those photos, but so that Esther knows how special she is to me: I love you Esther !

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Cambodia, with Malachi and Isaiah

sisters, and YES Esther and Jael look more alike as time goes by, BUT if you see Hannah with her glasses on, you'll see how alike ALL 3 sisters really look!

Esther and Caleb

Esther as Clifford the Big Red Dog. with Jael and Malachi

Esther and Casey


Ranee said...

I think Esther and Jael look so much alike it is hard to tell which is which in a couple of those!

Kelli said...

You have such a beautiful family! God bless!