Friday, September 18, 2009

27 years ago today

What a week!! Charlie was a full time student, I was graduatingfrom Nursing School on that Thursday night, we had our rehearsal on Friday night, our wedding on Saturday morning, a weekend together, and I went back to work on Monday while Charlie went back to school. He'd been living in the house we were going to share, and I'd been moving things in little by little. By Sunday night we were in our house together, the first of 12 which would be our homes !
Through college educations, births of babies, miscarriages, military life, civilian life, Army Reserves, self-employment, nursing career, a midwifery career, more babies and miscarriages, a total loss house fire, a rebuilt brand new house, a son in prison for a very strong anti-abortion stance, un-employment, older children marrying and acquiring children, having children, company failure, a move away from the one place and time we'd put down roots , our now almost 10 years in Oklahoma, two deployments, 7 adoptions, retiring from the military, 3 more adoptions in the works, two weddings, a grandbaby and suffering with a son though a divorce.............God has been our center focus and our strength through it all. I can tell anyone who would read or listen: People can do what they want to, but when people want to do what God wants them to, nothing is too hard, too complicated, too big or too small. When our lives are focused on being God's people, things may feel hard or impossible, but only until we lay them before the feet of Jesus, on an altar if you will, an offering of what we have and who we are, to be used, burnt up, spent at God's discretion. There is a peace that truly passes all understanding when we give all that we are to the Lord of Lords. Do we fail sometimes? OH TO BE SURE! But God forgives when we ask, restores, rebuilds, renovates and revives!!!
Happy Anniversary Charlie! I do love you so very very much and I am so thankful for these past 27 years, and I look forward to the next 27........and then some!!!


Ck said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember your wedding. And look! In the picture with the food's a teeny tiny little Stevie. I wonder if anyone else will notice that! LOL

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love you!

whenpigsfly said...

CK, yes that is "little Stevie".Wowza!!

Laurel said...

Hope your day was BLESSED! We got married just 1 month before you ... August 21st.

Laurel :)