Saturday, June 6, 2009

Calico Acres Farm and some of the "farmers"

This is Miss Brownie and she is my favorite goat at Calico Acres. She is sweet and gentle, gives a lot of really good milk and does not have any "attitude" issues, unlike my other does, one of whom is her grand daughter, and mamma to the black and white twins you'll see in a moment. AND LOOK AT THAT MILK BAG!!!! This is hours before milking time and you can see how full she is!
The last of this year's baby goats. The little white buck with the horns is Aaron, The large white buck is "Moses Pork Chop." The black and white goats are a brother and sister twins, born of Brownie's grand daugther Sun Flower. HE, Ribs, is the much smaller one. I don't know why he is not a good eater but that is why he is so much smaller than his twin. SHE, Rose, will be my newest dairy mamma next year and he will stay "intact" and be a stud goat later this year.

I don't know exactly why the rooster is in my garden. He HAS a chicken coop where he is the only rooster in the hen house. He's a very pretty rooster so I took his photo while he was a "man outstanding in his field" and the nI instructed the younger boys to put him away. The guineas were chasing him around, and they can be rough!
My corn is up, the beans are sprouting. Even the corn I planted two days ago has sprouted already . Lots of little tomatoes promise to contribute lots of nutrition to many future meals too!!

Malachi sways through life to the beat of a different drummer. This boy is so comfortable in his own skin, that he has no hesitations about this kind of a haircut. He may only keep it for a few days, but he is having fun with the "WHY?" questions!

I told Esther tonight when she came over for supper that I had not taken a photo of her for a while, and since she has boyfriend Casey's dog staying with her right now, he needed to be in her photo too, so here is Esther with Shaggy

And then there was the snake. I had dinner all ready, for all of the home dwelling ingredients of Smith Soup, as well as Esther and Malachi, one extra who was being baby sat ,and three extra friends, but NO. The older boys found this snake and all wanted to see it, touch it, examine it to determine if it was poisonous or not (we decided probably not, but that is not always the case) and then of course, cut his head off, skin it ( THIS IS kind of peels backward and comes right off : inside out) and then grill him to see what this kind of survival food might taste like (a good time to experiment I suppose since they could really HATE it, opt to not eat it, and still have dinner. ) The grill was still hot from doing ribs (of course: goat...still enjoying the bounty of our "Liberty and Justice for All" Memorial Day goat butchering ..... :-} "Liberty " and "Justice" being the goats we butchered, if you were not reading last month and missed my sons' maybe slightly macabre sense of humor when naming the baby goats last year )
CONSENSUS: bad food choice, maybe just needs longer on the grill. Give this to the chickens because they will eat anything.

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Blessed Mom of 8 said...

I was good until you got the snake part - EEEKKKKKK!

Love you and thanks for sharing so many photos today!