Monday, May 4, 2009

a little morsel of food for thought, but you'll be chewing for quite a while

One of the speakers at the Orphan Summit made the statement that "all adoptions are the result of some horror." If we take that approach in praying for orphans, past, present, and future, it surely must change the way we pray for our world!! It is changing the way I am thinking and praying for Junior and Diamoh as we are caught up in the Liberian suspension, and it occured to Charlie and me while we were in Liberia and again later as I was praying before I knew I was even going to the Orphan Summit that perhaps God has a different plan for us in Junior and Diamoh's lives. Could it be that God wants us to help reunite them with their biological parents, through some kind of sponsorship for their family? WHAT horror caused a family with two living parents to bring their children to an orphanage and walk away?
I am sure that poverty is part of the answer, but is that, combined with, or supplemented by, the idea that a family in America could offer the children " a better life" reason enough to relinquish or reason enough for us to pursue this adoption?
I know this happens, in Liberia, and in the USA as well.........I know all too well, but IF THE CHURCH could /would/ will, seek methods of keeping families united, would that not prevent many new horror stories ? Could it be that for these children our part is not adoption but sponsoring? Our big question is of course HOW??????????????????????????????????????????????? with lots of littler sub-questions in the mental outine, but it is very real. Hearing that "horror" statement only served to reinforce the things that God had been stirring earlier. Our other adopted children had very different stories, and none of them had two living parents. We have sponsored World Vision children for years in and through our adoption-changed life now for years. The suspension in Liberia was no accident in the Big Picture, neither was the suspending of adoptions in Cambodia in 2001.God worked a lot of miracles in that long and drawn-out process. Five of them are ours!
AS we continue to pray and receive direction from God about Baby Secret, we seek direction aobut Junior and Diamoh as well. Do I believe that God can use us to be/ am I willing to be the "happy ending " of a horror story? OF COURSE. Am I sure that this is the case for us right now, in this situation? Not so much. Please pray with us that God will shine through the circumstances, the pre-conceived ideas, the fears and uncertainties and the feelings and the logic of human understanding to see God's direction alone? Thank you!!!


love2bmom said...

We are praying with you and for you in this. I think that the waiting has given us all time to ponder what God is up to in all of our adoptions. You are not alone.



Blessed Mom of 8 said...

my precious friend!

praying with you!

love you,

Donna said...

My heart has been in the same place for a while. Ours came with one living parent and our daughter literally starving to death. We know it was God's plan to bring them to us, and we are so very thankful for them being in our lives. But I do believe that the best place for most children is with their parents if at all possible.
Praying for you as you seek His will in your adoptions. Praying for all of us to know how God would have us best support these very needy families.
Delight in Him-