Wednesday, May 6, 2009

prayer requests

WE are so excited about the prospect of our friend Sopheak coming to visit this summer and we have very carefully prepared all our request and supporting documents, enlisted the aid of a US Senator to help with our request, sent it all over in plenty of time for Sopheak's visa interview on Saturday......right? Not quite. While Fed Ex and UPS have never lost a package ever in all the times I have sent things to unique Cambodian addresses, this is the second time I have used USPS to send something and it is the second time they have LOST IT. Some postal person looked at the Cambodian address and decided that I MUST HAVE MEANT an FPO address, which is a military base address in the South Pacific. The name of the community in the dead center of Phnom Penh, and the physical adress of an INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL would seem to indictate this is not so, as would the total absence of an FPO address on the shipping label, but at this moment, the documents which Sopheak needs for her Saturday morning visa appointment ( and Cambodia is 12 hours ahead of my time zone) are being "re-sent" so that they may "arrive as soon as possible". Our Senator had also said he'd send an email to verify the hard copy documents, so I am asking him to send our docs in an attachment with his letter to the Embassy should the physical docs fail to appear on time. I got a response almost immediately to my request that they are very happy to help in any way they can!!! Sopheak is a bit un nerved about this because getting a visa approved for a visit to the US is a rather rare thing anyhow. Will you please pray with me that the docs do arrive to Sopheak by Friday afternoon and that she KNOW and remember that God is keeping her in His perfect peace and she does not need to be afraid over any of this?
our former pastor's daughter is in surgery right now having a biopsy taken for suspected Hodgkin's disease. She has been sick for a month or so, is a college sophomore and this is finals week. Her dad has been out of work for a while, they have no insurance, her mom has Celiac's disease and has a very unstable constitution. L. will be in the hospital probably until tomorrow, they all live in OKC an hour away. Test results will not be known till tomorrow some time as I understand it. Will you please pray for L that God will intervene for her even now while she is in surgery? Pray for her parents, G and G, that God will minister to them as they face this uncertain time with their daughter? My friend Jenny and I wee tlaking and praying about how we can be the body to this family today ...there are a lot of needs!
We really need to be able to know that we know God's leading about Baby Secret this week as well. Our documents are all just about ready to present to the Ministry, I have been asked to email some and DHL the hard copies as soon as possible while the Ministry is still interested in processing Secret's case. The concern is that if we (have) waited too long that the Ministry may begin to lose the sense of urgency to get him processed. This is valid...if a child is really in a life threatening situation, why would a potential /possible/probable adoptive family wait months to say "yes" to bringing him home?
AW Tozer said once that some people say "Oh I have so much to do today I don't think that I have time to pray, but I have found that often I have so much to pray about I on't know how I will get anything else done" Today feels like that kind of day for much to be in prayer for!! Praise God that we can pray as we work, can pray as we walk, can take and MAKE the time to pray, and that HE redeems the time for us when we do!!


love2bmom said...
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Blessed Mom of 8 said...

AMEN sweet friend!

I know those days too - I have so much to pray for how will I ever get anything else done!

I love you and am praying over these requests!
xoxo Jill