Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not everything that we praise God for looks like the "good stuff"

But "my heart will choose to say' Lord blessed be Your Name'" even when daughter Esther's beloved dog-of-her-dreams, Walter the Saint Bernard gets into some really bad trash, source still inconclusively determined, throws up copious quantities of stuff including things I won't mention but saw. Even when the things I saw had partners I didn't see, partners which tore up Walter's insides. Even when I got home from a good night of bowling and dinner with the family to discover that Walter had nearly bled out from below. Even when we had to tell sweet dear Esther, that again, she would be burying another beloved dog. Walter came only a few days after her puppy Peyton Manning was hit by a crazy driver who nearly hit my youngest children ,and that was at Thanksgiving. I am thankful this did not happen while we were gone in Liberia. She did not have to face this sadness alone, she didn't have to "take care of it" alone: her daddy did while she took her truck for a drive. I am thankful that he didn't suffer very much or very long. I am thnakful for my tneder hearted kiddos who comforted their sisters as compasionately as their Heavenly Father was doing.
I am thankful that when I woke up this morning and locked up my knee untwisting it from a sheet, that my first thought, not my second or fourth or tenth, was "Please Lord Jesus, touch my knee with Your healing. Thank You for taking care of me." My knee is still locked; the crutches are right at my side, my knee hurts but I am thankful that we are HERE at home, or in the middle of an airport or an African village. I am thankful for kids and husband who got things running this morning while I wobbled around slowly getting dressed and sliding down the stairs on my rump to ge to the rest of the house. I am thankful for friends who have called to check on our Liberia progress and have stopped to pray with me. I know that a release is on its way!
Its not the same kind of events I was praising God for earlier, but there is MUCH to be thankful for and I am not going to miss an opportunity to praise my Lord. He is good, He is above all things and his love endures forever.


love2bmom said...

Linda, has this happened to your knee before? And what have you done about it in the past???

I am so sorry about the dog. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Hug that daughter extra tightly tonight.


whenpigsfly said...

YEs my knees both have a history of this business......but its been quite a while since I have locked up for more than a few minutes.Its 10 PM now and I am still locked up.NOT a productive day in the slightest. I wait till it releases; that is all that works. I have tried massage, chiropractic, muscle relaxer meds, ice, heat, stretching, even a TENS electrical impusle unit. It lets go when its ready, good thing I am really good with crutches!