Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hi Lo Thursday

I woke up with my knee still locked up, not so good to discover, but Hannah came over and helped me with kiddos and ran me all over town to do some shopping, ala wheel chair! That would be my "LO" if I were going to call it such
I made an appointment with my chiropractor to work on my hip, but he was most concerned about my knee. He worked on me for 45 minutes!!!!!!!!!! HE used his trusty activator with several different tools, I stood, I sat, I lay on my back, I lay on my stomach, I twisted, he HURT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This could be the LO-EST except that ............ As he got the muscles loosened up so the bones could shift back into place, that knee released and I stood on two feet shouting "Hallelujah!" and crying ! That would for sure be a "HI"
Looks like we are pretty ready to go.I am not packed, but I have everything sorted to pack, and that was a BIGGIE!
Hannah and I bought kites for the children, and lots of string, lollipops, undies, notebooks, a football for Junior and a WAY marked down High School Musical Gabrielle for Diamoh. I hear that dolls of any sort wear out SO quickly; I didn't want to bring a really "good one" but this one is quite cute. the girls love to play with the dolls hair. I bought toothbrushes to go with the boxes of tooth paste out dentist donated, and have a good number of gifts from other families.
Tomorrow after noon I will probably go "no mail" but we will have internet so I will check in fairly often ,and let you know how it s all going!
I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH and this is so big too and worthy of being another "HI"!
We have talked about Junior's name so often and not felt really settled. I totally LOVE Josiah, Charlie was pretty firm that he thought it would get shortened to Joe . which he did NOT want at all, so we sort of compromised on Levi Matthew, but my spirit was still yearning for a Josiah. SUCH an awesome role model name that is rich with meaning "The Lord saves" I read, and "The Lord's fire" OH MY!!!
TONIGHT, just now, Noah asked Charlie what his brother's new name would be. (we are a house sort of divided.with a majority of home dwellers wanting Josiah Daniel and a few votes for Levi Matthew) Charlie asked if we had settled on Levi Matthew and as I started to speak, a chorus of children's voices said "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Josiah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So I stepped in with the suggestion of Josiah Levi.
Charlie repeated his concern of "Joe Smith" but said that YES he could go along with Josiah Levi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And in my heart there was a settling. I have NOT felt that our son's name was supposed to be Levi, even though I like the name. It has just been Josiah in my heart for a very long time. Isaac is VERY happy. Jael is not too pleased, and Hannah doesn't like it, but the majority of HOME DWELLERS have voted for Josiah.
I think we settled the name and it feels as it should !
OK back to putting things together for packing!
"Walking and leaping and praising God"

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