Monday, March 2, 2009

back to the subject of my birthday again

but mostly becaue it took me this long to get DH's camera and download the photos I took of the totally wonderful and beautiful Nativity set that a fellow adoptive mom ordered for me in Ghana while she was there. It was my birthday gift to myself, since it was notsomething that most of my family/friends would have had access to even requesting, and I knew Ginny had been going and that she had kindly asked if she could do any shopping for anyone in our adoption group. I LOVE wood carings and have a pretty cool collection from Germany, Bolivia, Ecuador, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Haiti already, and several pieces I got from my mom which also came from Cote D'Ivore in West Africa. NOW I have this set from Ghana to enhance the other pieces!
And because I have always loved the old tv series NEWHART, starring (of course) Bob Newhart, when I went web surfing one day and found that I could order the whole series o n31 dvds for a really small price, I relieved everyone of the chore of buying me a gift and I ordered this too. (Seeing a pattern here??????????????????)
Everyone in my household is now a NEWHART fan! Yesterday after noon after I commandeereed the tv away from the basektball fans, we put a disk in and we laughed all afternoon!!! It was agreed that I DO buy the best gifts!!!! This is the series in which Bob Newhart is a writer and buys an old inn in Vermont, has whacky neighbors and pretty much worthless but loving hired help. Our favorites are of course Larry, Darrell and his "Other Brother Darrell". Dry humor is my favorite and Newhart is King in my opinion. Later today I think I am going to the bookstore to get the book I asked Malachi and Esther for...............they report taht they can't find it. I will let you know if Hastings does indeed have CRAZY LOVE by Francis Chan or not!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Oh I love carvings too and that one is beautiful!

I'm so glad you were able to find a few "special" gifts for your birthday!

Love you,