Saturday, February 28, 2009

why 765,800 is a better number than 6,000,000+

because it's Naomi's latest Hepatitis B DNA viral load count and after only three months of increased dosage of her Epivir antiviral medication! Naomi's counts have fluctuated since she came home as an infant. Her Pedi-Gastroenterologist is usually on the guarded side of pessimistic about Naomi's status and was prepared to order a liver biopsy and to add a drug to Naomi's routine; he was so sure that since she'd spiked so high in December that the virus had mutated into an unresponsive strain. We have just continued to trust her Hep B to the Lord from day one. Whatever happens with it, should God heal her or should she live with Hep B for her whole life, it is a better life than untreated in an orphanage in northern Vietnam. There is another drug about to be approved for pediatric use in the USA, bringing to 3 the number of meds available. For a child whose virus changes frequently and quickly, having another drug to use is BIG. Since Asian people respond in the least favorable way to antiviral drugs of all the races, and since children grow so quickly and develop immunity to meds quicker than adults, Naomi has "2 strikes" against her, BUT she has a God who has a plan for her life, a family who loves her unconditionally, and she lives in a country where we can get the best medical care for her. The virus could "sero-convert"......decrease to a point where her body deveops antibodies against it, or she may not. For now, Naomi is healthy. Yes, her body hosts a huge number of enemy viruses, but not the largest I have heard of by any stretch, and a lesser number than it had in December. We are thankful and praising God that He has given scientists the curiosity and know how to develop meds like Epivir. We continue to pray for complete healing!


Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Praying with you Linda!

Trusting God to continue to do exceedingly great things for Naomi!

Love and hugs,

Salzwedel Family said...

That's great! Praying with you for healing.

Ginny and Ben said...

I will keep your family in my prayers, Linda. You are one amazing mama!