Friday, March 6, 2009

Is it Friday already?

WOW This was a really especially busy week,even for me! This is Home School Basketball tournament in Oklahona Cityas well as FFA -4 H Livestock Show season, both of which we are very involved in. So far this week, Jael took 3rd place with her gilt...female, unbred pig, and Isaac and Noah have been victorious in both their tournament games, with Isaac only incurring a minor ankle injury. GOOD STUFF! Hannah saw her OB this week and had another ultrasound done, my GRAND BABY is growing just fine, and brought Hannah to tears as she watched Charlie/Zoe kicking around, growing enough this week to require that she begin retiring her skinny tummy-jeans. We heard the baby's heart with my Doppler yesterday too!!!!!!! THAT was a special Mom-daughter-Grandbaby moment for us all, including Mady, Hannah's (step) daughter who was with her as well.
Along the pregnant and seeing-ultrasound-topic line, it was a good day for dairy goat business too: our vet ame out with her super dooper ultrasound machine and checked my goats. I had two who I was just not sure had bred when I gave them the opportunity: well YES they did! We saw twins in both goats we checked. I already knew the others were well established and will present multiples just from my own assessments. By mid May we will have had at least 8 new baby goats!
Travel plans for Liberia continue; departure day is March 14 ! We continue to trust the Lord for the rest of the airfare funds, which are a separate funds from our Matching Grant fund raiser. Those funds have a target date of April 15,. The airfare need is more immediate. A couple of sources have indicated they will cover that cost, or a good portion of it, so my job right now is TRUST THE LORD and LEAN NOT TO MY OWN UNDERSTANDING. The kids and I read the other day about the Israelites preparing to cross the Jordan River, God told the priests to go to the river edge, adn put their feet into the water, carrying the Ark of the Covenant..........not to stand back and wait for the waters to be moved but to walk INTO the waters. As they walked, God parted the river and made a dry path on which to cross. I thought "That is exactly where we are right now waiting to depart for Africa...our toes fast approaching the river edge!
And to help me enjoy all that God does, in order and in His season, our daffodils, crocuses and Narcissus have begun blooming in the yard. The tulips and hyacynth are sprouting rapidly. The Bradford Pears are in bloom and it is LOVELY. Truly He does make all things beautiful in His time!

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Blessed Mom of 8 said...

OH LINDA - PRAISE GOD about Hannah!

I too love the story of crossing the Jordan River and how we must walk by faith not seeing how God can or will do it - just trusting that He will!!!!

Praying with you and can't wait to get photos of you with your children!

I love you!