Monday, March 9, 2009

and still there was more to rejoice over!

A check I'd almost forgotten we were waiting for from a closed bank account arrived today, very cool, a closed Frequent Flier miles account with 10,000 miles in it was reactivated and the miles restored, also cool, AND as people emailed and called to say they wanted to help with donations for the orphanage, (very very cool) I opened an envelope from a dear young woman who happens to be a goat milk customer, a note which humbled me and blessed me and made me dance while tears flowed down my face. In it was a wonderful note to our family about how they had come to love our family in a very short time, in part for our heart for adoption but for our love of the Lord and the life we were leading. In the note she also told me that they'd received some money they wanted to tithe on and had prayed over it and sent it to us for our adoption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much more blessed could we be right this moment? We are healthy, we are so richly provided for, we have a wonderful loving family and awesome church family,we love and serve a loving and just God, we are so blessed! How I praise God our Heavenly ABBA Father for His faithfulness and his providence for this trip! Our matching grant fund is growing as well ,and that will help complete our committment to our agency.
THANK YOU who have helped us with that part of this adoption journey but most of all, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS FOR ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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