Monday, March 9, 2009

Home school ? Today?? How about a late start??

Well actually the kids are great self-starters and they ARE doing school!! ME, the teacher??? Just a bit distracted and side-tracked with LIBERIA DETAILS!!!!
FIRST THOUGH, I have to share another huge blessing! Last night, we were gifted with, incredibly blessed with, overwhelmed by, an awesome ,generous gift from dear friends for our travel expenses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited by God's provision for this trip, and by the love and support we have been showered with, my mind went back in time to this old old song I remember from my early childhood: "its bubbling , its bubbling, its bubbling in my soul" about the Holy Spirit or God's love or something. I am not really sure, I just know those words are springing into my meomory as an appropriate song!!!
I've begun to check off details from my to -do list............
ORDER PROPANE for the tank
pay online bills in advance so I don't miss any
Request rXs for Malarone and Cipro (my doc is friendly, Charlie's: not so much)
Ask our agency director the real and practical ?s about being in Liberia...cabs, lodging, how to keep your make up looking like its supposed to be on your face and not sliding down your chin, what donations can we take?
Send out requests to those around who might want to help. Already, thanks Lesly for your kind offer!!!
SO, anyone within range, if you wnat to help our orphanage , HollyAnn says "UNDERWEAR: sizes 2T up to 10-12 boys and girls" composition notebooks, spiral type, dolls, dvds for older children (they have quite a supply for the younger kiddos she tells me, but I am sure that nothing will go unwatched!!!) and chewable vitamins, OTC pain meds, OTC topical ointments, flip flops ................these are what would be most beneficial.
Please call me if you have the # or email me at if you want to help us? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know we will be going to the beach, and I need a new swim suit; mine current one is literally dry rotted. NOT my favorite thing to shop for at ALL!!!!! Its on the list.
Thank you dear readers for your prayers. We covet them even more in the days to come!!!

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