Friday, February 27, 2009

"I Don't Want to Gain the Whole World and Loose My Soul"

is the song, right now, that you hear when my blog opens up. Its not my ususal genre of music, but I heard this song on the radio one day when I was driving and it ministered to me so deeply that I was in tears, tears of "YES JESUS ! YES AMEN and AMEN............ " I don't know how many people have been reduced to tears over a rap/hip-hop song, but I was. I love how God ministers to me through music! Very often when I am hearing a new song it reminds me of an old and familiar hymn and it stirs me how God speaks to His people through the ages. Even if the delivery is quite different, the message of Salavation and the call to Holy Living is still the same. If you have not listened to this song all the way through I would encourage you to do so, and if you know it already (it is NOT a new song............just newer to my "spiritual Playlist") sing along and let God give you a new "amen"!

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