Friday, February 20, 2009

heat.............what a blessed commodity to be missing!!!

OK I knew I had to call the heating and cooling man this morning. I didn't know I was going to need to call th washer and dryer repairman too! When I woke up yesterday and a very UN-intentional 59 degrees showing on my thermometer, and I knew Charlie was not going to be home until after the OKC boy's basketball game (tranlation after 10 PM) to look at the furnace to see if I needed to call for paid help or if this was a problem he could solve, I figured he probably COULD fix it and we'd have heat. UM no. I had my electric blanket. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, it is a very long walk from under my blanket to the wood stove downstairs. (Our bedroom is part of an addition which is on its own heating/cooling system separate from the rest of the house which is on a very antiquated heat pump...hence the dependence on and love for the wood stove.)
My laundry room which is on the bedroom heating system, is a very nice, very large room, built into our garage. It is usually very comfortable because it is heated along with my beroom. Imagine my chilly dismay when I stood switching laundry this morning to disover that my better dryer (we run two washers and two dryers almost constantly) had stopped mid cycle, and no, the clothes were NO WHERE close to dry and NO it will not reset. I have a very cold damp load of needed towels and "unders" in the very cold and drafty laundry room. However I got everything washed and off the floor so when MR FIX IT comes for the furnace he has a very clear path to restoring my heat source.
as I pray that my repairmen are on a slow Friday and can come to my aid before the weekend. I almost think down a dryer is worse than down a furnace !!!
Thankfully we are ALL WELL and there is no shortage of wood for the wood stove!!!

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Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Oh Linda! Blessed be His name is right! Lord, we put all of this under Your loving care. We trust You for all of our needs and we love You!

Hugs sweet friend!