Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday

I have the greatest son-in-law EVER!!! When he came to pick up Hannah who was visitng and waiting for her car to be serviced, he came in and gave me a great big (Jon is a big guy, I don't think he could give a little one any how) loving hug and said
"Happy 42nd birthday!!!"
What a sweetie!! he then went on to tell me that he'd just ofound out that a lady thye have come to know, sweet sweet lady, was the same age as me but they had thought for SURE she was at least 10 years older! I felt badly for her, but it made MY day!!! Yes God has been gracious and while that biological clock is jsut ticking away, He has blessed me with on going youthful energy and stamina, and to an extent, a more youthful number of age indicators too!!! I am laughing at me as I write. I SEE every AGE INDICATOR, every day...........and I can tell you, GRAVITY is not always my friend. It would serve better to just keeping my feet down on the ground, and not waste any time pulling down on my knees or my chin!!
AND to make my day even better.that wonderful strange phone # on my phone........CALEB in IRAQ calling to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
I am so blessed

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