Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Walter, and sewing newborn caps for Haitian birthkits

Walter is Esther's SaintBernard. He was a gift from the friend of a friend who couldn't keep him at exactly the time in her life that Esther needed someone to bless her with the DOG OF HER DREAMS.He's huge but he is so sweet!
In December I found out about a project that really drew me in and I posted about it then. We just got the photos downloaded so I could share a few of them. The project was making t-shirt fabric newborn caps for birth kits being assembled for an OB clinic in Haiti so that moms could be given a kit with basic birth supplies in it for a safer birth of their babies. The nurse midwife and lover of sewing HAD to make time for that! Here are a few photos of my #1 helper de jour, Naomi and me as we laid out t-shirts and patterns, cut and sewed and assembled our 40- some newborn caps. The pattern was so easy and fun........like a Hershey's KISS shape, with a knot tied at the top. Can't wait to hear how many caps were sewn and sent to Haiti as a result of this project!


Jill said...


What a blessing those caps will be to women in Haiti!

Love your precious Naomi!


Jennifer said...

Walter is ADORABLE!!!! My kids love st bernards!!!!