Monday, January 5, 2009

news from GERMANY

Our daughter-in-law called this morning to let us know that she'd heard from Caleb, in Germany on his way to Kuwait and ultimately Iraq. She sounded good; we talked about how boo-hoooooooey the weekend was .I had called her numerous times to check on her and tell her I loved her and was praying for them both; she said she was too boo-hooooey to talk but was glad for hearing my voicemails. Thanks for your prayers for both of them!
And yes, our internet is back up and running smoothly today. For that too I am very thankful!
Back to school, it seems everyone enjoyed the order of getting up earlier for chores and breakfast. They were all at the school table before i got in from my part of the goat chores, and it has been a wonderfully productive day...a bit foggy on some subraction speed drill problems but SO orderly. I was very pleaesd to hear my three youngest low-level readers plugging away at their phonics and really nailing words and phonics rules solidly as they went through their language arts after a two week break from "i before e except after c " " "2 vowels go walking the first one does the talking and says its name sound. The second one is silent" and
"v words end in ' v-e', never just a v" . GOOD JOB KIDS!!!!!

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