Sunday, January 4, 2009

STILL on the wireless card, Lord Open the Eyes of My Heart!

but not for long. Charlie has to take it with him when he goes out of town. HOPEFULLY my internet provider will fix my internet connection problem.........I LIKE my internet access!
Oh Y'all!!!!!!!!! I taught our church body the song "The Blessing" today. I think I was one of the few people who didn't already know it fairly well, : - ) but we had not sung it as a body before. It was a very anointed service ,and I was so excited about the precious spirit of the worship time. We sang "Open the Eyes of My Heart" "Lord Reign In Me Again", "Great is Thy Faithfulness" and then learned "The Blessing" as we shared ways God has shown Himself faithful to us just over the holiday season. How I long for our local Body collectively and for each of us who know Jesus as personal Savior to go deeper, deeper , deeper with the Lord in our relationships with Him. I long to see our local Body, and the Body worldwide be willing to be used by our Lord in whatever and what all ways He would choose to use us. Used as his hands, His feet, His Words, not for our own patting -on- the- back satisfaction, but so that we who are the Redeemed would BE the salt and light Jesus called us to be to the world around us,leading others to Jesus: thirsty for His Living Water, from being around our "Saltiness". That was the focus of what God gave me to share as I led the worship service. I am so challenged by the lyrics of "The Blessing" ! If you know it, you probably understand why; if you don't know it,
you can hear it at and go back a post or two and see the lyrics written out................
" For Your Kingdom For our children For the sake of eevery nation,
We will choose to be a blessing for life"

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Ginny said...

Hi Linda! I am hoping that Jonny gets some pictures. He doesn't have a great camera with him but I think he will try. He has played and coached soccer all his life, so I know he will be playing with the kids a good bit. I am hoping he learns names and can tell everyone a bit more about their kids! I didn't sleep last night at all between my baby being sick, my 2 year old getting up several times, and my mind racing with the things I need to remember to ask him when he calls!