Saturday, January 3, 2009

on a borrowed wireless card

Too frequently it seems our internet provider, er, DOESN'T. Charlie uses his wireless card when traveling so he kindly loaned it to me so I could be online for a while!
After one more tearful phone call, my son finally boarded his 4 AM plane about 4 PM! Caleb should be in Ireland by now where he will change planes for Kuwait. I am thankful that Courtney's mom went out to Ft Campbell to spend a few days with Courtney!
WE DID IT! Our dossier is on its way to our agency! I had to go make a few new copies of a power of attorney doc to RE-SIGN because as we started to sign them at the notary's office, I realized we were signing in black ink and had been very clearly instructed to use BLUE INK. OOOOOPS! Next stop Midland Texas for assessment and review (hopefully no corrections !!) and then on to Liberia to set up for a court date. We are praying earnestly for the next step in Liberia too; CASE HISTORIES for the children. This is kind of like a home study done by the Ministry of health as I understand it, but it has to happen before we get a court date for the adoption hearing. These have been sporadic and unpredictable for a while, so they are the very definite subject of adoption prayer!!
Our trip is still slated for late February , which breathtakingly is NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When we started praying and talking about this adoption and that we had to wait until after mid Feb, it seemed SO long in the future. NOW its around a nearby corner!! Junior and Diamoh, your family is working its way closer and closer to adoption day! Working hard on fund gathering, raising and seeking!
Hannah and Jon took their kids and our Naomi and Rachel with them for a weekend trip to see other daughter Kari AND to pick up Hannah's Christmas/birthday gift: A mini Schnauzer puppy .Few minutes ago the phone rang and it was Hannah asking me to talk to a very distraught Rachel, who wanted to come home NOW (they are 6 hours away) She sobbed into the phone, we talked , I loved on her as best I could from this distance and we prayed her bedtime prayers together on the phone .The tears faded and I think she's OK now, but she wanted Mommy and home. I told her that if she woke up in the middle of the night and needed to call me she should. She has never gone on an over night that was not just at Hannah's house, 5 minutes away, not since she came home to us three years ago at age 6. I miss my Naomi and Rachel terribly! It is so weird that they are not home for so long. I think we will all be very happy to see them come home tomorrow afternoon!
Days that touch a mamma heart............a son calls in tears as he is leaving for war and his very much younger sister calls, also in tears that she is already away and ready to come home. Please Lord Jesus wrap them both in a blanket of Your peace and comfort that they recognize clearly as You! Thank You so much that I am so blessed to be their mamma!

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Jill said...

Awww - sweet girl!

Praying for them and you!

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