Friday, January 2, 2009

2 Blue Star Mamma again......

Thanksgiving dinner out with Caleb and Courtney, here they are surrounded by Mom and sibs!

As Caleb leaves for Iraq in the morning. Joshua is already there, on the last three months of his 4th tour, and Caleb begins his second tour. We are so thankful that he and Courtney were able to be here for Hannah's wedding, for Thanksgiving, and that we were able to pass the phone around tonight and talk to brother/son that last time for a long time. So special to pray with him over the phone as we have prayed with him together so many times over so many things since he was a baby........

As my verse says in my blog header " All your children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be the peace of your children".How often I have prayed that verse over one child or another in any number of circumstances or situations. We have introduced our children to our Lord Jesus, taught them about Him, they have met Him, have each asked Jesus to be their personal Savior and that, I can KNOW that my verse from isaiah 54:13 continues to be true: "GREAT shall be the peace of my children"
Even as I pray my son off to war, as I continue to bring my oldest son before my Heavenly Father and pray for safety and for comfort and peace, I know that the Holy Spirit is ministering to them both , and to their wives. Not one day do I take for granted that either will "just come home" unscathed when their tours are up. That is grace and mercy beyond what I can fathom; but with a pair of teary eyes and a grateful heart I do thank the Lord that for whatever reason, all MY GUYS have come home thus far, alive and healthy. While Charlie was in Iraq the first time, one of his Reserve comrades, also a close friend of Caleb's was killed in Afghanistan. Caleb,just back from Afghanistan himself, took me to Tobie's funeral. As we finished up wedding details this summer we also had to make funeral plans for Charlie's good friend, Scott. I can't imagine how deeply Charlie had to draw on God's strength to write a eulogy and do radio interviews about his friend, while planning to his daughter's wedding toast, but he did and God was faithful. When we celebrated Gideon's homecoming from Iraq earlier, we also memorialized two of his pals who were killed in action.
Each day we have with our loved ones, with all that is the life God has blessed us in, we need to be thankful for each moment, each person, each interaction, each experience , and savor them, learn from them , make meomories for later and grow a faith and relationship with God that will be strong and rooted to stand no matter what may come on another day. Be taught of the Lord, and great will be YOUR peace !!!!!!!!!!!!


Jill said...


Precious memories!

On the solid ROCK I stand!

Praying for Caleb and Courtney as they are apart, and for your Momma heart while he is so far away at war.

Love you!

Cassie said...

Beautiful post! I, too, sent my son to 2 tours in Iraq. He watched close friends die on the battlefield. It could so easily have been him.

I, too, know the peace that passes all understanding, the peace that God can give to mommies while their "babies" are at war.

Peace & Blessings to you and your family.

Laurel :)

Cassie said...

Oops! Looks like my daughter was on my laptop, and I didn't know I was logged in under her name. Weird!

Laurel :)

whenpigsfly said...

Laurel, that was funny! I wondered who Cassie was until I saw your signature! She is beautiful!

Angela said...

Oh, little did I know that staying home from church this morning with sick children would be such a blessing to me. This post spoke to my heart. With mychildren still so young, I struggle with the day that I must "send them out". Thank you for directing me to those verses. I am off to read them now.