Thursday, December 4, 2008

the news from Liberia

was good today!!!!!!! I won't share it all, but this is the song our children love to s ing and have taught to our agency director since she has been with the children this week. From HollyAnn: I am going to leave you with a song your children taught me! They sing
it very loud...Daniel Binda sings it the loudest of all and he MEANS
it! It is just priceless! So here you go!
"God is our Father
Jesus is our Brother
The Blessed Holy Spirit is our Guide
The Devil's no relation
I am a new creation
I'm a member of the family in the sky!
The meetings we have been praying for, the ground breaking ceremony for the new ADDY'S HOPE facility and dedication...............a breathtaking day of answered prayers and answers in the making!!
I can't WAIT to hear the tune to this song! We will be singing it here for sure!


Johnson said...

Awe, so sweet!!

Jill said...

Knowing that just makes my heart sing with PRAISES!

Love you!

His Hands His Feet Today said...

What a beautiful song!!!!