Friday, December 5, 2008


is a little girl whose photo I "happened " across when looking on a website for the chosen child of another e-pal. Those of you who "know me" know that I have never been drawn to what I lovingly call " vanilla" children but have always been drawn strongly to those who were of more colorful ethnicities. UNTIL GINGER!!!!!!!!!!!
This little girl is 5 and has DS, a condition I have never felt "called" to minister to, but sure love to pray for those who are. My heart went flippity -flop, and my scrolling finger stopped as if frozen when her precious face presented itself in front of me. I thought "We should adopt her!!!" She is a REECE'S RAINBOW child, and its crazy; I don't see any way that we could/would adopt again, especially right now in the middle of Levi and Keren Jubilee's adoptions in Liberia..............I can't even mention her to Charlie. He is so nose deep in new work projects, he'd probably have to shake his head and walk away from me for even saying "There is this little girl I saw............." and I know he'd be right, well, maybe...........
SO, until something unlikely happens (like someone bringing her to my door) I am going to be praying that THE FAMILY she is supposed to be in finds her QUICKLY!!!
She is dangerously close to being sent to an institution. Hearing the words from Isaiah 6..." "Also I heard the words of the Lord saying "Whom will I send and who will go for Us?" THEN I SAID HERE AM I SEND ME. " For me , thinking about Ginger this means "YES LORD I will go to You in prayer and seek a family for Ginger, whoever they may be!"


Rachel said...

Oh, I understand completely! Those little RR kids just pull at my heart. I am praying that we'll be able to go to EE one day to adopt one or more of those precious little ones. Amy needs a friend, after all! :) Ginger is adorable. I can see why she touched your heart.

Michelle Riggs said...

Oh how I pray that we will be able to adopt again. I miss those photolistings. :-)

I will join you in praying for this girl.

Thank you s omuch for praying for Abby.