Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NEW PHOTO of Levi and Keren Jubilee!!!!

Technology is so amazing to me!! Our agency director just arrived in Liberia within days and today she was able to post photos of some of the children at the orphanage. To my utter delight the first photo "up" was one with our Levi Matthew (Junior C.) and Keren Jubilee (Diamoh ) in it with some of their friends!!
Thank you HollyAnn for this newest blessing!! Tomorrow is a very important meeting regarding the way adoptions are processed in Liberia, a VERY important meeting. MANY of us who are adoptive families waiting for our Liberian children are going to be in fervent fasting and prayer for the outcome of this meeting. PLEASE join us for a season of your own choosing if you would ? There are some issues which simply must be settled and standardized and made "just a bit" more predictable!! LORD JESUS WE TRUST YOU , just as the Psalm promises that the heart of the "king" is in the Hand of the LORD, to have Geebro's heart in Your Hand and that You would move on this man mightily and write Your Name on his heart indelibly!! To quote from a song I heard mentioned earlier today, "HAIL HAIL LION OF JUDAH!" "Glory glory to the Lamb
You take me into the land We will conquer in Your name And proclaim that Jesus reigns " Jeus reign over Liberia, reign over the orphanages and reign over the government authorities who would seek to promote their sense of self importance over the well-being of children and the adoptive parents who are waiting for them!


love2bmom said...

Wow. Thanks so much Linda. I am so blessed once again. Grateful for your perspective.

LOVE the pic of the kids. What an encouragement to see them looking strong, and that ours are together there for each other, as we stand together here for each other.



Jill said...

Praying with you Linda and Carolee!

Praying that God's going before HollyAnn is evident to her and all those involved in the decisions being made on the behalf of future adoptions in Liberia.

Hugs and love sweet friend! Oh the children are so precious!!!!! I can't wait to see them home in the mix of Smith Soup!

Ranee said...

I can't believe you made 50 of those! Group effort, but still you guys did so good at it. I somehow talked my mother into purchasing me a sewing machine for Christmas so maybe sewing these caps could be my first project. I'm sure I'm pretty rusty, but I'll fumble through it somehow.

I've been enjoying reading the journey to the two new Smith members. Every time I look to the sidebar and see the girls I think about when we first met and they were just HOPE and PRAYER and it reminds me I can do this!

Miss you so much, I wish the group was more active/talkative!!!! Drop by my site sometime Mommywannabe.com