Saturday, December 6, 2008


Yes Haiti..not an adoption although we prayed about thatseveral years ago.we are too big a family to adopt from Haiti. We are smaller than an orphanage but too big for a family..that is water under the bridge, or a door that God clearly closed....but.........
I heard about a project to sew new born caps from t-shirts to put in birth kids for Haitian moms and their babies. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stirred up the nurse - midwife AND the mom in me!!! I enlisted the help of a couple of friends, we copied the "Hershey's chocolate kiss" shaped hat pattern and made new born caps from t- shirts no one is wearing any more and from a yard of pretty soft lilac jersey that I bought just for caps. Leah helped with cutting , Naomi helped cut too, and with the tying of the knot at the ends of the little hats after we'd sewn rhem and turned them right side out. This afternoon I mailed 50 new born caps to the lady in Maine who is coordinating the project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend did 15 for which I was so thankful; my girls and I did the rest. I did not get the photos down loaded but it was a lot of fun thinking about doing the caps together with my daughters , and as a midwife and former OB nurse, knowing how important those caps are, it was a very satisfying investment of our time, and the caps turned out REALLY well too!!!!! Sweet Ginger far from Haiti was deep in my thoughts and OF COURSE so were our precious KEREN JUBILEE and LEVI in Liberia!! Their Christmas party was today and we are so eagerly awaiting photos of that event!!!!!!!!!!!!
It never ceases to amaze me how small our world is with cyber space drawing so much world into such a "small space" be able to communicate with people ANYWHERE instantly in our world blows me away!!! When I lived in Italy in the 70s, a letter took weeks to reach its destination ,and weeks to receieve a reply to.............. today I communicated with people in Iraq, Cambodia, Liberia and Ghana as well as many parts of the USA!!!!!!! How critical to being able to pray for people and reach out and meet their needs when the needs are fresh and most vital!!
Thank YOU Heavenly Father for allowing man to discover even an inkling of what all You know and that You have shown us how to use some of those concepts for GOOD!!!


love2bmom said...

Wow Linda, that is a lot of caps!! You are 'super seamstress'! Praying with you about Ginger. And Liberia. Happy Sunday!

Jill said...

Oh sweet friend - you are such a blessing to many! I love knowing little babies in Haiti are receiving new caps to help keep them alive because of your love.

I agree about the internet and how small the world has become!

I am praying for all of your requests and can't wait to see how God completes your Smith Soup mix!

Love you - Jill

Ranee said...

Somehow, I commented on a different entry. Was meant for here. I'm new to the Blogger thing, not quite sure how I managed that one though!