Friday, December 12, 2008

MERRY Liberia!! Here are Keren Jubilee and Levi Matthew opening gifts from us, THANKS YOU so much HollyAnn and Jeremy for being with the children at this time of the year!!! I have loved pouring over all the photos from this latest Addy's Hope trip. Here are a few that I have shared with my own photo album. The soccer photos were so fun ,and oh is my Levi photogenic!! He also shows up in a lot more photos than does my Keren Jubilee. I am still hunting for her. I found her BEHIND a sign just a little while ago!!! Do yu see her?? How 'bout NOW??


Ranee said...

I wish you could re-size those. I hoped that clicking on them made them bigger, but no such luck! I don't get Blogger or I'd tell you how to fix it, too bad it's not wordpess which seems to be my second language.

whenpigsfly said...

I am just going to post them the "old fashioned way' as a gadget on the side!! ; - (