Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve before church. Caleb and wife Courtney are in Kentucky, Joshua is in Iraq, wife and kids Diana , Emily and Ethan are home in Maryland, Kari and Keith kdis Zachery , twins cody and Chloe are in Texas, but it was so special to have 11 of the kids with us.
Back row is Gideon in short sleeves and Malachi in long sleeved hoodie,
Next row is Hannah and Jon, ( Kids Mady andBlake were with their other familes,) Charlie and me, Leah, Jael and Esther with her Casey,
Front; Isaiah, Naomi, Rachel, middle Noah and then Isaac.
The tree is set up for Christmas morning, you can't even tell it fell over once can you?????????????? A helpful child got behind it for a gift which had slid out of reach............near disaster thatwas, but all s well!


Tami said...

Great picture! We have had so many fallen over tree episodes! LOL! I'm glad yours wasn't too bad.

whenpigsfly said...

It was a bit "touch and go" for a minute or two! Thankfully Jon came quickly to the rescue and got it righted!!