Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I LOVE how this photo turned out!!! Getting them was part of my Christmas eve day AFTER baking a cake, check, goat chores, check, slicing 6 # of onions and 4 # of carrots to add to and flavor the two huge eye of round roasts which had to go in the oven by 9:30, check, GET PHOTOS,check, return a huge batch of gift
ideas bought on Black Friday and not needed for life thereafter, check, shop for a suit jacket for Gideon: cash in gift certificates and refund store credits to keep cost as low as possible, BUY a $180 jacket for NO cash outgo and come home as impressed with me and God's ability to help me shop as I have EVER been, check, whip the cream to ice the cake, check,praise Jael for a great job mashing the potatoes, check, heat the greens and the green beans while cooking the gravy, check, wrap a slew of gifts and arrange under the tree for later in the evening, check, practice the music for the church service, check, set the table and start serving at 5 minutes after 4 so we can eat and have plenty of time to get to church by 6: done. WONDERFUL service at church, two of the teens accompanied the worship music , playing their trumpet, guitar and clarinet. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! WONDERFUL message : With the birth of Jesus, Emmanuel: God IS WITH US !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Home for photos, cake and coffee and that crazy fun time of exchanging some gifts. WHAT FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the 9 live at home kiddos, Gideon, Hannah with Jon, Esther's beau Casey and my mom and gifts of everything from a mirror for Jael to a case of Pepsi for Malachi , Noah's robe which I sewed for him yesterday, it was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOW its back to finish up the details for tomorrow and stuff those STOCKINGS!!!
Does anyone else put pomegranates and beef jerky in their kids' stockings? How about Blueberry bagels or a block of cheese? Well those were some of the requests ,and I love to please!!!!!!!!!


love2bmom said...

Love your picture! Beautiful bunch of faces you have there, Mom.
Missing a couple, but NEXT Christmas I PRAY they will be in that picture!!

I can't do THREE Christmases without my African princess.


Tami said...

LOVE the picture! Ummm, I have been known to put beef jerky in Ray's stocking, until he got braces:) But no, never cheese:)
Merry Christmas friend-

Ranee said...

Love the photo, already told you that in a group message though!

You did more on Christmas Eve than I'll do all week. Ok, maybe not, but you sure know how to run circles around us average moms!

Reminds me of the time the little girl left cheese for Santa...Behold The Power Of Cheese! You're too funny Linda!

Jaime Salas said...

How do you do it!? I am in AWE! Your family is beautiful. Hopefully next year- your photo will include two more!

Happy Holidays!