Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday musings.........................

WHAT A FULL WEEK THIS IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The most wonderful part is that our son Caleb and his wife Courtney are in for the holiday from Ft Campbell Kentucky. We haven't seen them since June at Hannah's wedding. Caleb deploys in about a month for the middle east so this is a special family gathering for sure! We took them to an NBA basketball game last night in Oklahoma City. Caleb is not much of a basketball fan but Courtney LOVES it and I am a big fan too. Now that OKC has its own NBA team, the THUNDER, we can not only enjoy our sport on tv but in person! OKC lost by a single point after putting up a great effort all night long and the four of us had a totally super time.
MORE FORWARD PROGRESS ON THE ADOPTION FRONT TOO!! Today we did our finger prints for our new 171 H approval doc for the US govt to be adoptive parents again.
TRUSTFULLY we will have this next document in hand by early February..we'll see!!!
Courtney told me that she has a cousin in Tulsa who is adopting two children from Ghana; that was really cool to find out!
AND THEN THERE is THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I chopped and assembled and fried and cooked my traditional bread stuffing yesterday morning before we left for the basketball game......a LOT of bread stuffing. 10 or 12 loaves of ripped up bread, two whole bunches of celery chopped up, 5# of onions, a lot of chopped cilantro and a lot of seasonings,part fried to blend the flavors. YUMMY, cooked my cranberries so they will be chilled, today when we got back from USICS, I jumped into baking another Pecan Pie cake, for Caleb, Noah and Jon especially, baked pumpkin pie and pecan pie and using a new slow cooked turkey recipe, got my turkey prepped and into the oven. He will be done by mid afternoon, and all I have to do tomorrow is mashed potatoes, fresh pot of rice and make the gravy.EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MY Thanksgiving tradition is to watch the parades and I wanted the bulk of the dinner prep out of my way. Mission accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!! In the midst of last minute grocery shopping , feed store shopping and washing and vacuuming the Suburban, I also managed to please Malachi with Little Cesar's take out pizzas for supper. YAY Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the midst of all of that busyness and hustle bustle, I was reminded so many times to GIVE THANKS to GOD for His many , oh so many, blessings in my life!God is so very good and faithful. He has brought us though, over, and around so many experiences where He proved Himself over and over again, to HIS glory. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

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