Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday, how about SLEEPY Friday?

Thursday was wonderful!! Caleb and Courtney are here from Ft Campbell, Hannah and Jon with Blake and Maddy were here, Esther's sweetie Casey got in, Gideon, Malachi, Esther and Jael, Isaac, Leah, Noah, Isaiah, Rachel and Naomi all home safe and sound, Charlie is home, my mom is healthy and able to join in the celebrations of God's rich blessings, our gifts to Junior (Levi Matthew) and Diamoh, (Keren Jubilee) are ready to leave on a plane tomorrow with our agency director, Joshua was able to email from his duty station (asking "Is sand an ingredient in stuffing?" ) and Kari called from Lufkin Texas on her way to in law's house in Houston for the day. Dinner was wonderful........three days in the making and is should be, right? The pies were perfect, so was the cake. I have enough bread stuffing left over for several more dinners (GREAT PLANNING THERE!!!) and there should be enough turkey and ham and all other accompanying side dishes for Sunday dinner and the Mom doesn't have to cook, just "nuke" bowls and bags of already cooked delicacies. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! We are so blessed to be together, to be able to communicate, to be of one mind and spirit, to KNOW we are so incredibly blessed and be able to experience it together. God kept us sound while Charlie , Gideon, Caleb and Joshua have been deployed before, and we are so very humbly thankful that each one is safe today (Joshua will be home in spring) From those wonderful "big" praises, to the "Smaller" ones such as being prompted by the Lord ( I KNOW that is Who it was!!) to call the propane man on Tuesday for a tankful of fuel. WEDNESDAY we ran completely OUT!!!! I was so thankful that I called because we'd have had a long, cold (as in no heat, no hot water, no cooking) week and weekend until he could come next week! It should not have been time to order yet, I don't really think. In my mind I was planning ahead. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At about 10 or so the kitchen was clean last night and I vegged out to watch a movie with the older members of the family, and Hannah and I planned to do Black Friday, at 5:30.the AM 5:30.....yes me. Well by golly I did it!! We hit 5 stores and
IHOP for breakfast all before 9. Charlie always laughs when I tell him how much I saved...........sine I'd have saved "even more" if I'd stayed home entirely, but it was VERY productive and we had our fun annual shopping trip together. We have just never done it this early. I am officially tired now!!!

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Jill said...

What a busy day!

Glad you are home resting now and enjoying all of your blessings!

Who by the way are beautiful! Love the new photos on the sidebar!

Lots of love,