Monday, November 24, 2008

Sean Connery

OK there is a side of me that has nothing to do with being Charlie's wife, mom to many, herder and tender of goats, lover of gardening, or even being a non-practicing nurse -midwife. I am a huge fan of Sean Connery!!!!!!!!There are many photos on our fridge door and he holds two spots on the front door! WELL, I just found a photo which gives him the distinct honor LOL of having THREE SPOTS on the door! And lest anyone think this is just not right for a very married Christian lady: one of my "treasured " photos is of he and his wife together, in a gondola. The other is pretty impressive...he is wearing a kilt!!! I do have to confess however, that when Charlie found an old Sean Connery 007 James Bond movie on tv last night, I thought the object of my refrigerator door honors looked PRETTY SILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Figure that out. Now tell me, is this not an awesome photo with which to grace a farm refrigerator door???


Tami said...

I have to say...putting pictures of a movie star on your fridge is NOT how I "see" you at all!!!! LOL! Thanks for sharing this fun side Miss Linda:)
BTW- it has been a year since we were blessed to meet in person:)

whenpigsfly said...

I was looking at our wonderful green van and thinking that this morning!! i sure wish we lived closer because what little time we got to spend together was so special to me!! Isn't it fun to discover something unexpected about someone?!!!!

Jill said...

Ha - I would never think this of you either!

He is a very handsome man! I give you that!

Hugs and love -