Saturday, November 1, 2008

a political thought

After being up most of the night praying and thinking about the election, and what is at stake, after listening to the song on my playlist by Sandi Patti "Masterpiece" with the lead-in scripture from Psalm 139 I decided to try to sum up my political feelings in a sentence. Maybe its too simple, maybe its too wordy, but I believe I can stand by my words and share them with anyone anywhere and never have to be apologetic for them.
A politician can always re-work policies about taxes which are bad policy, broaden or narrow give away programs, enter or exit a war, start or end a war, write a tax or let a tax code expire, but one can never by any legislation, declaration or amendment, un-kill a baby.


Jill said...


Praying along side of you!

Love and hugs,

Jen said...

That is simple and meaningful enough. I wish so many more saw it that way.


Laurel said...

Very well said ...

Laurel :)