Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday night ramblings...................

So, everybody got a perfect 100% on their spelling tests this week, aced math, we turned the propane heater on for one night, used the wood stove for one night before the temperatures jumped back up to the high 70s daytime/50's nighttime, we cheered like crazy for the Tampa Bay Rays to win the World Series,compared BJ Upton and his base- stealing ways with our Isaac who has that reputation in baseball too, but also cheered for the Phillies: no real committment to either team but both were deserving of the honor of being the winner, we thought.Being big basketball fans we also watched lots of NBA basketball too and cheered BIG TIME when our favorite Phonix Suns beat our least favorite team, those San Antonio Spurs.(and winced when the Hornets beat them the next night........) Unbelievable as it was, Naomi turned 7 yesterday! Almost 47 inches tall and almost 41 pounds, our beautiful baby is NOT a baby any more. It is official. We had her favorite chicken and dumplings for dinner with chocolate cake iced with real whipped cream for dessert and today as we sat at the orthopedic doctor's office waiting to get the cast of her broken leg, we realized we never took a single photo of Naomi IN the cast! Sigh............well I never said anywhere that I was good or prompt with a camera!She was adamant that she didn't want to bring that cast home either: she just wanted a REAL bath when we got home.
Everyone was excited to see that I'd found more photos of Keren Jubilee and Levi Matthew in an other adoptive family's shared album, and Jael was happily showing off hard copies of the pictures at school today.Add all that to we are starting a new breeding sesaon with the goats and you have a pretty thorough over view of what was stirring in the "soup pot " this week.
In the air all around us is the anticipation over the election. Never have I been so drawn to and so compelled to pray for our country, and NEVER have I been more concerned ! As I listen to people's comments and opinions I am amazed at just how far reaching the consequences are in American citizens blowing off history classes in school with comments like" History is so boring." "WHAT DO I NEED THAT STUFF FOR?"
There are a lot of people voting for candidates and concepts about which they have NO understanding.for the present and even less for the future. Added to that the falling away from Righteousness which is so prevelant, I see a nation in dire immediate need of a New Awakening but short of that , needing a huge measure of God's mercy............through at leat one more election. "Oh generation SEE THE WORD OF THE LORD ..."
Jeremiah 2:31 a is my prayer

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