Monday, November 3, 2008

Breathe on us again........Please Lord!!
is the link to the song God has placed so deeply into my heart for the past few days.
The words read:

O Lord hear
O Lord forgive us
We have lost the awe of You
Have mercy have mercy
O Lord cleanse
Our hearts which are divided
Stir the faith that we once knew
We're thirsty we're thirsty

O Lord restore
The church that bears Your name
O Spirit send
A revival to this nation
Breathe on us again
Breathe on us again

As I pray today for our country, this is my fervent prayer, above all that I believe so passionately about the election and the candidates, my prayer for our country is more fervent and more passisonate and this song sings it for me. Whether we grieve that our candidate lost, or revel in the victory of our chosen candidate, God calls His Church to be HOLY as HE IS HOLY. Please God , bless America,
Please America.BLESS GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Charity Marek said...

Linda, I love your blog and I share your passion. Thank you for sharing!