Friday, October 17, 2008

YES.......its them!!

I will keep that sweet sad-faced pair of photos and ponder them in my heart, but I will also rejoice over the smiling faces of our children in the photos I have posted now!! Today is SUBMIT THE I 600 -A DAY for our new 171 H !!! After being sidetracked all week by other important matters, it is a releif to have all of those documents asesmbled and in their traveling clothes: envelop addressed to USCIS! To celebrate, we are planning to go visit a pumpkin patch this afternoon with some friends. It is a totally glorious October -in-Oklahoma day to see things be accomplished (yes even that nasty refrigerator in the garage is clean!) and to enjoy God's beautiful autumn weather!!!!!!!!


love2bmom said...

Hooray for confirmation of what you already knew in your heart, that it was really your new sweeties in the pics!

Enjoy the pumpkin patch! Sounds like fun. We are having a fabulous fall day in Colorado as well!


Sonya said...

Hi. My name is Sonya. Didn't see a way to email you privately. I would love to touch base with you. We currently have been blessed with 10 wonderful children and another on the way. Our family is made up of both bio and adopted children. We have three from Liberia and are waiting on our fourth...hopefully in the next couple of months. I look forward to hearing from you. My blog is

bbqdaisy said...

Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on your 2 new beautiful children waiting for you in Liberia!

Also wanted to let you know that your encouraging spirit will be missed on the Beacon House group!

Blessings on the rest of your paperchase to bring your precious ones home!

In Him