Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well, I am nearly 100% sure that I have new photos of both Junior and Diamoh , by way of an adotpive dad who was in Liberia until last week bringing his daughter home. Today they shared over a hundred wonderful photos of the children and orphanage where our Junior and Diamoh are living right now. I KNOW I identified Diamoh pretty quickly, the little boy in one photo with her most likely IS Junior, but he looks so differently in the smiling happy faced photos I saw today as opposed to the very sad faced child in the other photo, that I don't want to say YES that IS my son,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and have it turn out that he is by slim chance, NOT. They are wonderful photos and it was very excting to open them and say THERE THEY ARE.OUR CHILDREN!!!!!! I needed that bit of "up news" to balance out the news which came later in the afternoon. Naomi's DNA viral load count which has been dropping rather impressively the last four or five times we've drawn lab values, made a pretty substantial leap. We knew this was very possible and so we've kept that thought in our minds; I just frankly didn't want to hear the doctor's nurse tell me that Naomi's Hep B virus has mutated and isn't responding to the chemotherapy. We have upped the med dose, and scheduled an ultrasound of Naomi's abdomen and liver next week. I am thinking that since her baseline blood values are so very good, that her liver is just fine. IF there is something going on, she is in the best physical condition to face a problem. HOWEVER, we are believing that God will heal her completely IF that is what brings the best honor to His Name in the situation. She has always been His child, on loan to us and we have trusted the Lord with this precious child every day since we began her adoption journey. Hearing some "bad news" doesn't change anything in the Big Picture. It seems that my theme song for this season of life is "Blessed be the Name of the Lord" and I find myself defaulting to, or choosing to sing.........."My heart will choose to say ' Lord BLESSED BE YOUR NAME'" and there is incredible peace in laying all my human-ness at the feet of the Father in trust that He Who has never left us or deserted us, continues to keep His hand on each of us, and especially Naomi right now. How thankful I am that Naomi is here in our family, in the USA , where she is loved and cared for and where we can get excellent medical care for her whenever its needed, adn where we can pray openly for her and share God's presence in her life anywhere we choose!! Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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love2bmom said...

I am sorry my friend. That is disappointing news for sure. Praying that you always keep your eyes on that BIG PICTURE, as you put it. Please keep me posted on the outcome of the ultrasound, will you?