Monday, October 13, 2008

new cast, new dishwasher, new dog, new name

There is truly NEVER a dull moment for the ingredients of Smith Soup.The pot simmers , the pot boils, things get stirred up, things cool off a bot, but NEVER does the pot grow tepid or lack in flavor!
With this week we saw Naomi get run into by our youngest horse, our dishwasher leave its last dish uncleaned, and yes , as if acquiring a Saint Bernard on Sunday was not enough, Malachi brought home a sweet stray he found while working his midnight power washing job! The half-cast on Naomi's leg was replaced with a full cast: toes to ankle, after the orthopedic doctor examined the x-rays and found that not the ankle, but the tibia bone in Naomi'a leg was broken!! She was not happy to be walking out with a different cast instead of the "its all good" diagnosis she was hoping for, but today she is quite nearly fine! The swelling is down, the bruised areas which were many, are all protected by the cast. She managed quite well at a wedding Friday night and again today while playing at nearly everything she desired to do! I am thankful that we got it diagnosed and that the doctor saw the break. Sweet baby was coming in from play and the wind grabbed the door behind her and slammed it on her left hand though. Two very bruised and sore fingers were the subject of prayer and ice for the rest of Sunday after noon!!!! The dog: oh my , all I can say is, DO NOT expect an accurate or coherent conversation with my husband if you call him at 1 AM and wake him up. The converation between Charlie and Malachi went something like " Dad I found something tonight! Its fluffy." Charlie," Is it a rabbit?" " No dad, but it needs a home really bad!!" "OH GREAT!!" Malachi claims that if Charlie was really asleep, he should not have answered the phone and hence any action taken after a conversation with him is NOT the fault of the listener. That said, Malachi of the very dry sense of humor and immense love or strays, brought home a very fluffy, very matted sex-unable-to-be-determined-due -to-matted-fluff- Australian Shepherd pup, about 7 months of age. He said to me, "Dad said 'THAT 'S GREAT!!!' when I told him I found something I wnted to bring home." Spin and interpretation I tell ya!!!!! Anyhow, its a girl, she is now bathed and de-matted, we are brushing her teeth to combat the dumpster breath, and she is here, at least for now and sort of answering to "Emma", or "Bosco" depending who calls her. My new dishwasher is in and running and only took three trips to Lowes, one deeply cut finger and one flood of the kitchen floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leah was very happy to run a load of dishwasher dishes to finish of her dish week. Naomi's oral surgery for the extraction of the 4 really bad molars will wait until after the cast comes off. Her lab work for mthe latest Hep B check up has come back within normal limits but the real indicator test won't be back until Tuesday. That test will let us know how much medicine Naomi needs to keep taking , if the viral load counts are still on a decrease, if further tests will be needed or if she is "sero-converting": which means her body is developing antiboidies to the disease and is fighting if off and out. So far that has not happened and she still has active Hep B. Trustfully she will not have started to develop immuities to the medication and it is still bringing her viral load numbers down.
On other news fronts, our new son is probably going to be named LEVI, maybe LEVI MATTHEW, but not Samuel Elijah. Charlie told me he has decided that Samuel is NOT right, he does not like Levi Elijah, does maybe like Levi Matthew, but IF I want Levi, he tells me that I have to sacrifice Elijah. (I can't have BOTH, ie TWO boys ; - ) Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Jael ever the prankster interjected that since his name right now is "Junior" , her new brother's name should leave the Junior part in place and just add "Asparagus". WHO but a 14 year old Veggie Tales fan would think of THAT?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At church yesterday as we are studying the book of Mark, we were at the point where Jesus had called his disciples, and had given them incredible authority in His name. Charlie quipped to me that "even Jesus only had 12.......maybe we should have stopped there???" with a wink and a grin. HE KNOWS BETTER than to "scripture bait" me!!! When I popped back with "Jesus also told them that they would do more and greater things than they had seen Him do" he cracked up in the middle of church, telling me that, yes he should have known better.........
"I love you Lord and I lift my voice to worship You oh my soul REJOICE Take joy my King in what You hear May it be a sweet sweet sound in Your ear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


love2bmom said...

Can I come over and take a lesson in remaining joyful in the midst of the madness? Your worshipful attitude is so much fun to witness! I am blessed to know you, friend!

Thanks for making me smile, again!


Ericka said...

Hi Linda!
Kelly just sent out your message. I wondered where you had been.
Just wanted to say congratulations on your babies.
I'm SO SO happy for you, your family and your two new family members.
I'll check back to see how you are doing with the process, etc.
Lots of hugs,

Jill said...

Oh Sweet Friend - you always bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. Gosh, only God can bring out that much joy when things are breaking, flooding, bleeding and trash breath! LOL!

You are so precious! God bless Charlie and being incoherent to say yes to another animal in your home. I sure would lose my mind if one more animal was added and we only have one small white dog.

Congrats on the good news for Naomi! Praising God for the work He continues to do in her body. Praying the other numbers show excellent results.

Thank God for new dishwashers that work!

Love you,
PS I like the new names!

Tami said...

Loving Levi Matthew here in MI! Love ya- Tami

whenpigsfly said...

I have the best friends and sisters on the planet!!!! How blessed I am that God brought us into each others' worlds with so much to share!!