Tuesday, October 28, 2008

news from Liberia

We sent some small gifts to Junior (Levi) and Diamoh (Keren Jubilee) last week to another mom traveling to Liberia to go and get her daughter this week. She has been sending updates though her husband who is manning the home front. PRAYERS FOR MATT AND JANA!!!!!!!!!! He has reported back that the mini Cabbage Patch doll we selected for Diamoh was a BIG HIT with her and the other little girls! Horray ! There Minis are a series of 4-5 inch tall dolls and the one we found had great pony tails to brush and beautiful dark dark skin! Can't wait to see photos of our daughter and her first gift from us! It helped me to know that the size 6 clothing I sent to her was big. She and Naomi must be the same size!!! Diamoh is 6 and Naomi is about to trun 7 day after tomorrow. Junior liked his matchobx cars and Jana tells me he is "all boy" and loves to play soccer, and that he appears to be about 9........All GREAT NEWS THERE. His new sib brothers are all very athletically inclined and were hoping their new brother would fill out the "home team" ! While it isn't US being with our new children, any news and any connection is precious so we are very very grateful!!! Maybe the mail will bring us a finger print apointment slip from USCIS today?


Bonky's Mom said...

I love hearing little bits and pieces...and I'm not even their mama. LOL I can just imagine how much it fills your heart to hear...as their mama!

Johnson said...

So glad that you are enjoying the update about your kids!