Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sweatshirts, bowling and fund raisers, and kids in college

Ok so you have to scroll down below the posts to see what Jael, 14 1/2, our sophomore, HAD TO HAVE for school! She has joined the Young Republicans club at the high school, is quite well informed on issues , she is animatedly articulate (maybe just a "little" like her Mamma?) and not afraid to engage anyone in a discussion. Her hoodie sweatshirt pick for a "school uniform" is perfect for her. She was not particularly excited about the party ticket until the addition of Sarah Palin, but she immediately read up on both cnadidates, and is now doing a speech for her AG class next week comparing the two major parties, platforms, and their candidates. GO JAEL GO!!!!
Bowling. did you know I am an avid ,albiet not supurb bowler and have bowled on a mixed league for several years? Even with my right hip being seriously out of allignment tonight I still managed to maintain my 144 average, even if I didn't bowl any spectacular games tonight. My highest game ever was a 192, and that only happened once ,but I do like to bowl. While bowling and talking about various ways to raise funds for our up-coming adoptions, I mentioned asking for 1/10 of the parking money that various busineses in Stillwater take in during our University football and basketball seasons . It is BIG business, using your parking lot of $15-$30 per ehcile parking for the college sporting events. MAYBE 1/10 of one afternoon's intake might not be a big gauge in the overall tke for a business, but if several were willing to donate that money to our adotpion fund, it would make a BIG difference for us. My friend and bowling partner suggested several businesses for me to ask.
THEN she told me that if I booked a Tupperware party with her, she would donate her take as the sales rep to our fund raiser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HOW COOL IS THAT?????????????????????????????????????
We talked about the grant we applied for last week, and which I hope and pray we find favor for , about matching grants and other fund raiser ideas, but I was so touched at her generous offer to out right give her profits along with whatever else we might make, to our fund!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU Pashca and THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!!!!! We will have a Tupperware party sometime in the next few weeks! Please pray with me that I do find favor with local businesses and churches when I approach them about our fund raiser? I know that most of the churches have earmarked their parking money for mission projects, but what I will be proposing is ALSO a mission out reach! I'm excited ! I've sold cook books before, adoption bracelets, bumper stickers and lots of other items but never taken our fund raising to the city itself.
OH and our two most recent college entrants received their Pell grant letters today.PRAISE THE LORD we do not have to go deep into debt over this school year !! Almost every expense was covered by grant and scholarship offerings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were "audited" for the 4th year in a row so actually getting the award letter took a lot longer than a normal submission, process and approval time frame. The kids started their freshman semester almost a month ago!! We are very thankful for the assistance!!!!!
NOW .....we just need that Home Study in hand!

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